"Cleverb!tch delight on a grassroots level, and stand up on a world-class platform. My go-to #cleverbitch." 

Stick Mareebo, Director Jamaican Music Festival, Australia

About Cleverb!tch

Making a positive impact 

​Cleverb!tch have a firm hand in developing events and making them memorable, no matter how big or small. We love the ring of a positive message and actually believe a good time has the power to tear people everywhere away from their devices.


We want to connect you to a whole different kind of audience right now, a savvy audience that will thank you for all those details you work so hard to bring to life. We use clever messaging and design that shouts about what you are doing in a considered way, and tells your story whatever stage it is at. We know you don’t want to be shy and retiring, you want to be loud and inspirational.


With over a decade’s collective experience creating music, cultural and boutique events in the UK and Australasia and working with global headlining artists, we understand the pressures you face inside out. Whether it is web development, branding, press promotion,  social, content creation or ghostwriting, we've got you covered, so you can get on with creating something beautiful.

About the original Cleverb!tch


Driven by putting cross-culture on a world stage, Lauren Mullings is well connected globally and culturally. An Australian with Jamaican heritage living in the UK, she grew up against a backdrop of The Windies, Astroboy, UK House and Keith Floyd . She loves road trips, Sound System events, and cooking late at night.