At Cleverb!tch, we've worked hard to create campaigns that reflect our fierce work ethic.           We don't just look different, we are.               

consulting . publicity. event & festival 

marketing. artist PR. copywriting. web design 

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We create "clever" content that speaks straight to your fans and positive PR stories that show others your opinionated side. We get results because we've spent over a decade investing in the very best ways to let your fans know about you or your event or your festival . Whether you are building a festival, artist, or a brand profile, Cleverb!tch care about your story...  

Marketing & Content creation

Intelligent festival and event specific marketing

Press & publicity

Storytelling that champions not compromises your brand personality

WEB DESIGN& Copywriting

Simple, informed design and copycrafting


Decades of experience in event management, promotion, mass participation and large scale festival/event planning